South of the North

Segregation in « Southern European » Cities

Rome, June 8-9 2015

École française de Rome Piazza Navona, 62 00186 Rome

Organized by:

EFR; Géographie-Cités (CNRS/Universités de Paris I et Paris VII),  Calhiste (Université de Valenciennes) « Culture, politica e società »  (Università di Torino)

Convenors: Thomas Pfirsch, Giovanni Semi, Dominique Rivière


Cities in Southern Europe play a pivotal role in the debate on urban segregation and globalization.  For instance, it is since 1990 that some researchers have suggested the idea of a Mediterranean “resistance” to post-fordist social and spatial transformations. Cities in the Mediterranean would therefore provide a hybrid model between both “North” and “South” characterized by a weak social segregation. This thesis has been for a long time waiting for an empirical validation, which is now available due to recent works showing the decreasing rate of residential segregation in specific southern European cities, while on the other hand the rising of new urban segregation patterns, less dependent on the sole application of the gentrification model and rather mixing both low residential segregation with social marginalization processes, has been witnessed. Does Southern European cities really rely on specific patterns and levels of segregation? Bringing together papers on Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, while comparing them with Northern Europe, North America and the Global South, we aim at providing a critical state of the art on segregation within Southern European countries that will open up a more general debate on the global-local nexus in the contemporary age. Scrutinizing the differences among « Northern » and « Southern » cities, among « North-American » and « European » or among « Northern Europeans » and « Mediterranean» ones, we will provide an insight on the existence and relevance of urban and regional models in the global era as well as a discussion of the international circulation of urban theories. This is the 4th meeting of the program “Italie, recompositions territoriales” of the École française de Rome


Monday June 8, 2015

École française de Rome Salle de conférence, 1st  floor

9.15 Welcome by François Dumasy (EFR) and Dominique Rivière (Université Paris-Diderot- EFR)

Introduction : Thomas Pfirsch (Université de Valenciennes) and Giovanni Semi (Università di Torino)  

9.30-12.30 : Session 1   Chair : Giovanni Laino (Università di Napoli Federico II)

Marzio Barbagli (Università di Bologna) : Stratificazione sociale e segregazione residenziale nelle città italiane: 1971-2011

Thomas Maloutas (Harokopio University, Athens) :  The study of segregation in Greek cities. Theoretical tools and empirical findings

Francesca Governa (Università di Torino) : Marginality as assemblage. Southern European cities between regional differences and urban models

Marco Cremaschi, Carlotta Fioretti (Università Roma 3) : Migrants and the Spatial restructuring of Italian cities: Global diversities and local justice


14-18 : Session 2

Chair : Fabio Amato (Università di Napoli, l’Orientale)

Sandra Annunziata (University of Leicester) : When gentrification is lost in translation: consideration from the transition of “quartieri popolari” in Rome

Hovig Ter Minassian (Université de Tours) : Les villes espagnoles entre paupérisation et gentrification : le cas de Barcelone

Magda Bolzoni (Università di Torino) : Appropriazione simbolica e uso degli spazi pubblici in un quartiere torinese in trasformazione

Enrica Morlicchio (Università di Napoli Federico II) : Segregazione, povertà urbana e il “quartiere poroso”

Conclusions : Pascale Froment (Aix-Marseille Université)

Tuesday 9 June 

9.15-12.30 : Session 3   Chair : Camille Schmoll (Université Paris Diderot)

Antoine Fleury (CNRS – Géographie-Cités) : Dynamiques urbaines, politiques publiques et accès aux espaces publics. Allers-retours entre Nord et Sud de l’Europe

Nick Dines (Middlesex University London) : Thinking segregation and public space in Naples: a ‘Southern European’ or an ‘Ordinary City’ perspective?

Bruno Cousin (Université de Lille 1) : Causes and Effects of discrimination-based Segregation in Milan Refounded Neighborhoods

Matthieu Giroud (Université Paris Est Marne la Vallée) : Résider dans le même quartier, occuper la même ville ? Systèmes de lieux et pratiques urbaines des habitants d’Alcântara à Lisbonne

Sarah Baudry (Université Paris Diderot) : Mobilisation(s) et politiques urbaines autour des espaces publics dans un quartier romain

13.30-15.15 : Session 4 General Discussion and final roundtable

Coordination and discussion by Aurélien Delpirou (Institut d’urbanisme de Paris), Giovanni Semi and Thomas Pfirsch With the participation of Colette Vallat (Université Paris X Nanterre), Sergio Conti (Società Italiana di Geografia, Università di Torino), Carlo Salone (Università di Torino) and Isabelle Dumont (Società Italiana di Geografia, Università Roma 3)

followed by Workshop of the IRT (Italie recompositions territoriales) Research Group (chair Dominique Rivière) to discuss its forcoming activities,  Tuesday June 9th, 15.30-18 Wednesday June 10th, 9.15-12

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